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Welcome to Orthotics & Prosthetics Labs
"Simplifying the Process"


This is a photo of a man in rehab with his prosthetic leg.

O & P Labs utilizes the very latest technology and devices to create a custom prosthesis made perfect for you! Whether you need a new prosthesis for a recent amputation or repairs and new components, O & P Labs is here to help! Learn More


This is a photo of a child with a cranial remodeling helmet.

The STARband, Cranial Remolding Orthosis, is part of Orthomerica’s STAR Family of Cranial Remolding Orthoses that provides effective management and treatment of a wide variety of head shape abnormalities. Learn More

Our Team

This is a photo of a consultation at O&P labs

The mission of the O & P Labs is to provide high-quality physician directed orthotic and prosthetic-related services to meet the personal needs and improve the health status of the people in communities we serve. Learn More

Care Center

This is a photo of the prosthetic care center at O&P labs.

With a state-of-the-art fabrication lab on site, we maintain a higher level of quality control and much faster turnaround times. We can even perform cosmetic finishing or repairs while you wait and a custom orthotic or prosthetic device can be ready in days, not weeks. Learn More

This Is A Photo Of The Amputee Support Group Options At O&P Labs.
Not just Exceptional Orthotic and Prosthetic Care. Exceptional Patient Care.

O & P Labs has long been the regions leader in providing prosthetic devices. We recognize that our patients require specialized training and support that go beyond the fabrication of a limb. Learn More



Deena is an active member of the Limb Loss Community, not only through leadership at our peer groups, but also as the Lead Esthetician at Ochoa Salon & Spas in East Longmeadow. 

Due to Osteosarcoma, Deena has been a member of the limb loss community since 1988, and has been working with Orthotics and Prosthetics Labs from the very start to provide her with a solution to best serve her active day-to-day life.

Whether she is working out at Health Trax, or working at Ochoa Salon & Spa in East Longmeadow, Deena’s daily life involves a lot of movement and use of her limb. Orthotics & Prosthetics Labs was able to meet that need and work with her to make the proper adjustments to ensure that her leg was as comfortable as possible while still being able to handle lots of activity.