New Amputee Fitness App from Ottobock!

June 6th 2014

We're excited to announce the availability of a NEW FITNESS APP from Otto Bock! It is the first of its kind available in the US !

This is a FREE App available through the APP Store for your I-Phone. (An Android version will be available in September.)

Simply go to your…

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Bionic DEKA Arm, mind-controlled prosthetic, approved by FDA

May 19th 2014

          We live in an exciting time for prosthetics! O & P Labs is pleased to be able to provide patients with prosthetics and see the great technological strides that are being made to improve them!

          The Food and Drug Administration has approved a new type of bionic arm…

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Lily receives her adorable SMO's!

April 24th 2014

Lily is very excited about the delivery of her new pink and purple heart custom bilateral supramalleolar orthoses!

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O & P Labs is awarded Baystate Health contract

April 2nd 2014

O & P Labs is honored to have been awarded the contract to provide orthotic and prosthetic services to patients throughout the Baystate Health system.  This contract was pursued by various companies and the fact that O & P labs was chosen speaks to our commitment to patient care and positive patient outcomes. 

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Tummy Time!

April 1st 2014

          Tummy Time is especially important to children diagnosed with Plagiocephaly or Torticollis but equally important to the development of all babies.

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Tyler says goodbye to his cranial remolding helmet!

February 20th 2014

          Today after nearly 4 months, Tyler gets to say GOODBYE to his helmet! Tyler was born with a condition called Positional Plagiocephaly, a disorder in which the back or one side of an infant's head is flattened. It's most often the result of babies spending a lot of time…

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GeniumX3: Bionic Prosthetic System

February 20th 2013

Orthotics & Prosthetics Labs is always proud to be able to provide it’s patients with the very latest technology. We are excited to share the use of the GenuimX3, a bionic prosthetic system, in one of our recent custom prosthetics!

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