Orthotics & Prosthetics Labs offer brands such as Trulife and Bellisse to provide you with the mastectomy products you're looking for. Breast forms are available in various styles to meet patients’ needs and provide symmetry so that they may feel like a woman again. O & P labs also offer a variety of styles of brassieres for patients to choose from.

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Breast Forms

Post mastectomy breast forms are contoured to ones unique shape. We offer many types of breast forms to ensure each patient is matched with their ideal form.


 The Impressions form has a unique blend of pure silicone used to provide the softest and smoothest feel imaginable.

It is the lightest breast form available and is perfectly balanced to suit every lifestyle.

Impressions offers a honeycombe core (pictured on the right) which ensures optimum breathability.


Impressions II:

Features a shallower profile, new finely tapered edges that provide an intimate and seamless fit and features an even softer and silkier surface!  

Radiant Impressions (Custom Form)

Orthotics & Prosthetics Labs also offers options for patients looking for custom breast form options. Each Radiant Impressions prosthesis is artfully sculpted for a one-of-a-kind custom, hand-crafted fit, and features:

• Personalized, custom fit

• Lightweight construction for comfort and compliance

• A sense of wholeness

• The ability to be worn in a non-pocketed bra

• A close match to many skin tones with 30+ colors from which to choose

• Durable construction allows the prosthesis to be worn while swimming, running and during other physical activities

For more on Radient Impressions, click here.

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Bodicool is another breast form offered at O & P Labs. This form offers:

• TruCool Gel, a Trulife proprietary silicone blend features advanced cooling technology.

• Soft, raised contact points with with TruCool Gel promote air circulation and provide maximum comfort.

• Technologically advanced design draws and contains excess heat from chest wall.

• Lightweight silicone helps the form feel even cooler.  


For patients looking for a light form with multible profile and shape options, we offer Silk. This form also features an option that can be worn attached to the chest wall. Click on a shape of Silk below for more information:






          Silk Allure                    Silk Connect                  Silk Encore Triangle               Silk Flex                  Silk Plus Triangle





          Silk Teardrop              Silk Triangle                  Silk Ultima Triangle               Silk Xtend Plus                  Silk Xtend


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Swim Collection

We also offer swim forms which retain shape in and out of water and can be used in chlorinated and salt water.


Aquaflow Features:

• Molded, fast-dry spacer

• Breathable foam for support and structure

• Lightweight beads do not absorb water and dry quickly

• Flattering, natural profile, whether active or lying down

For more on Aquaflow, click here.



Calypso Features:


• Firm translucent heart-shape which can be positioned in any direction for optimal fit

• Concave back which allows for buoyancy, water flow and shape retention




Tropez Features:

• Firm translucent triangle shape fits a variety of body and surgery types

• Concave back which allows for buoyancy, water flow and shape retention

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Leisure & Post-Surgery

Orthotics & Prosthetics Labs also offers options for patients post-surgery and for leisure and moderate activities. These options are soft lightweight foam forms that can easily be worn in camisoles and pocketed bras.






Tri-Leisure                     Tri-Featherweight                Featherweight

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Orthotics & Prosthetics Labs offers a range of brassieres to fit each patient's needs. We offer bras through Trulife which include fashion, living well, seamless, support and tailored classic styles.


We also offer the Bellisse Bra for post-surgery.

For more on the Bellisse Bra offered at Orthotics & Prosthetics Labs, click here.

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Additional Products

For patients looking for other items, we also offer accessories and additional mastectomy products.

Get in contact with us today and see how we can help you with your mastectomy needs!


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